Top 10 Best Roof Racks and Carriers for Ford Bronco: Ultimate Guide

Upgrade Your Ford Bronco with the Top 10 Roof Racks and Carriers

The Ford Bronco is an iconic off-road vehicle that has recently been reintroduced to the market with its all-new 2021+ models. If you’re an adventurous driver with a Ford Bronco, a roof rack and carrier system can be a game-changer. The best roof racks and carriers for the Ford Bronco provide a secure and practical way to transport bulky items such as bicycles, kayaks, snowboards, and luggage.

A roof rack and carrier system can be a great addition to the Bronco, providing a secure and efficient way to transport bulky items.

In this article, we will explore some of the best roof racks and carriers for the Ford Bronco, taking into account factors such as durability, ease of use, and compatibility with different types of equipment.

Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or hitting the trails for some off-road action, a good roof rack and carrier system can make your journey more comfortable and convenient.

Why Roof Racks and Carriers are Important for Ford Bronco

Roof racks and carriers are important accessories for the Ford Bronco because they allow owners to carry equipment and gear on the roof of their vehicle, freeing up space inside for passengers and other items.

the Bronco’s off-road capabilities and spacious interior, a roof rack and carrier system can provide an additional level of convenience and versatility for outdoor enthusiasts who need to transport bulky or oversized items.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ford Bronco Roof Racks and Carriers

When buying a roof rack and carrier for a Ford Bronco, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, the weight capacity and compatibility of the roof rack with the Bronco’s roof rails must be ensured to avoid damage to the vehicle or the items being transported.

Additionally, the type of equipment or gear that will be carried, such as bikes, skis, or camping gear, will dictate the appropriate carrier style and mounting system.

Other factors to consider include ease of installation, durability, and security features such as locking mechanisms. Finally, the aesthetics of the roof rack and carrier should also be considered, as they can affect the overall look of the vehicle.

By considering these factors, Bronco owners can select the best roof rack and carrier system to meet their specific needs and preferences.

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10 Best Roof Racks and Carriers for Ford Bronco Off-Road Adventures

#1 Hooke Road Bronco Full Length Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

The Full-Length Roof Rack is a perfect fit for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco 4-Door Hardtop Models, excluding Bronco Sport, and comes with an option for LED lighting within 40 inches with T-slots for standard 6mm bolts.

It allows for easy removal of the front and mid-section top panels, providing open-air ventilation for a comfortable off-road experience.

The Bronco Cargo Rack is designed with a sleek, slim, and minimal design that provides extra exterior cargo space. With a carrying capacity of up to 800 pounds (evenly distributed), the front wind fairing matches the contour of the roof and windshield for a superior fit and improved aerodynamics.

Best Roof rack and cargo carrier for Ford Bronco

Built-in side panel slots in the Side Slots allow unlimited options for adding accessories, such as handles, side lighting, awning mounts, and more. The crossbar T-slot channels in the Crossbar Slots offer numerous solutions for tie-down options, cargo security, and the addition of accessories such as lights, high lift jacks, shower systems, traction recovery boards, fuel containers, spare tires, etc. (T-slots for standard 8mm bolts.

The installation process for this product is very easy, as it is a simple bolt-on installation with no drilling or modification required. Rubber trim and all necessary hardware for installation are also included.

#2 Vanguard Craftsmen Roof Rack with Deployable Ladder and Side-Mounted Gear Carrier

Prepare for any adventure with confidence, thanks to the Vanguard Craftsmen Roof Rack for the Ford Bronco. This roof rack features a deployable ladder and side-mounted gear carrier, allowing you to easily access your equipment without struggling to reach or climb onto your roof.

The ladder provides simple access to all of your gear, while the side-mounted gear carrier provides extra storage space for your on-the-go necessities.

No matter where your travels take you, this Ford Bronco roof rack has you covered. It is built with rugged construction and a durable design, capable of handling anything you can throw at it.

All in one perfect solution for your cargo - with ladder for Ford Bronco - best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

So whether you’re setting up camp, hitting the trails, or simply in need of some extra space, this roof rack will be your reliable partner.

Why wait? Upgrade your Ford Bronco with the ultimate roof rack today and experience the thrill of exploring with confidence.

Design and Other Features

The design of this product is modular, making it simple to adjust to the removable hard top. It has the ability to support up to 500 lbs on the road and 350 lbs off the road, providing optimal performance for your needs.

The use of high-strength structural steel in its construction guarantees its durability and resilience against the elements, making it a reliable choice for any outdoor adventure.

This product offers extra storage capacity for your belongings, accommodating up to 50 lbs of weight. Your gear will be kept safe from theft and secured in place, giving you peace of mind while on the go. You’ll have easy access to your gear without having to stop and unload the entire vehicle, thanks to its user-friendly design.

The ladder is made of structural steel, which ensures that it can support up to 350 lbs of weight without bending or breaking. It is designed with non-slip rungs, providing a secure footing for the user even in wet or slippery conditions. Moreover, the ladder can be extended to different lengths, making it easy to reach different heights based on your requirements.

#3 Thule Canyon XT Cargo Basket

The Thule roof rack features a sleek, wedge-shaped low profile design that offers both style and functionality. Its tapered side walls make it easier to load and unload your cargo with ease.

This product includes a wind fairing that helps improve airflow over your cargo while on the move, ensuring that your belongings are kept safe and secure. The internal dimensions of the rack are 41 x 39 x 5 inches and it has a load capacity of 150 pounds.

Thule XT Cargo basket for Ford Bronco - best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

For additional equipment or stabilizing your cargo, accessory crossbars (sold separately) can be attached to the rack. The maximum and minimum barspreads are 37 inches and 20 inches, respectively, making it easy to customize the rack to fit your specific needs.

The Thule roof rack is constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum and is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Its versatile mounting hardware and T-Track mounting for Thule aeroblade and Thule xsporter bars make it easy to install on all Thule rack systems, round bars, and most factory racks. To ensure compatibility, please consult the Thule Buyers guide before purchasing.

#4 Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box for Ford Bronco

The Thule cargo box is a versatile and large roof-mounted container that can be used daily. With a total of 22 cubic feet of space, it offers ample room for packing all types of cargo.

The cargo box is designed to provide maximum space efficiency, and can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. The quick-mount system ensures that the box is securely and properly mounted, with a “click” to indicate when it is in place.

cargo box for Ford bronco - best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

The dual-side opening design allows for easy access to all areas of the box from either side of the vehicle. The cargo box also provides full trunk access with no contact with the roof box.

The Thule cargo box is perfect for winter sports enthusiasts as it can accommodate up to 5-7 pairs of skis or 3-5 snowboards, up to 215 cm in length.

#5 Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier for Ford Bronco

Thule Pro kayak Carrier is a lift-assist rack system designed to make loading and unloading kayaks easy and convenient, even when you’re alone. With the help of gas-assist struts, the rack can lift and lower up to 40 lbs of the kayak’s weight, so you don’t have to strain yourself.

The double extending arms allow you to load and unload your kayak at waist height, which means you don’t have to bend down to lift the kayak.

Best Kayak carrier for Ford Bronco - best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

The Thule Pro kayak Carrier features 8 touch points of padded support, which help to protect your kayak during transportation. The kayak cradles are also corrosion-resistant and can expand to fit wider kayaks. The system is constructed with high-quality materials, including aluminum and double-coated steel, to ensure it is durable and long-lasting.

The Thule Pro kayak Carrier comes with bow and stern tie-downs, which enable you to transport one kayak securely and safely. So, whether you’re going on a solo kayaking trip or transporting your kayak with ease, the Thule Pro kayak Carrier is an ideal solution.

#6 Hooke Road Bronco Half Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Basket

The Hooke Road Bronco Half Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Basket Discovery Rear Roof Rack is a must-have for your 2021, 2022 or 2023 Ford Bronco 4-Door Hardtop model (not compatible with Bronco Sport).

This rack provides additional exterior storage space with a maximum carrying capacity of up to 200 pounds when weight is evenly distributed.This Rack is similar to the one we’ve discussed earlier but with a difference of Half Rack Cargo carrier basket.

Half Roof Rack carrier for Ford Bronco

Equipped with side panel slots, you have the flexibility to add accessories, such as handles, side lighting, and awning mounts. The crossbar T-slot channels offer a range of options for securing your cargo, along with the possibility to attach additional accessories like lights, high lift jacks, shower systems, traction recovery boards, fuel containers, spare tires, and more (T-slots for standard 8mm bolts.)

This rack includes 3 extruded aluminum load crossbars, which are textured black powder coated and measure 3.2″ x 0.8″. In addition, the side panels, front and rear panels are made from 13-gauge (3/32 Inch) high tensile steel construction. These panels are both textured black powder coated and undergo a premium E-coating process to ensure durability.

#7 MaxxHaul Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier Steel Basket

The MaxxHaul roof rack is built to last with sturdy steel and a protective powder coat finish. It can be mounted onto both factory and aftermarket crossbars, and comes with a rubber gasket to prevent rusting.

Best Rated top rooftop carrier for Ford Bronco - best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

Additionally, the U-bolts feature rubber caps to protect your cargo during transport. Assembling and installing the rack is quick and easy.

For optimal durability, we suggest storing the rack indoors and applying a Truck Bed Liner Paint to make the entire rack rust-resistant against tough outdoor conditions.

#8 DV8 offroad Hard Top Roof Rack 

Expand your cargo space with the DV8 Offroad roof rack, which has convenient accessory mounting points on both side rails. Easily mount additional gear like lighting, cameras, or tools with this DV8 offroad hard top.

You just have to Securely tie down any type of cargo, including a rooftop tent for your overland trips, using the multiple tie-down points on the large loading area of the roof rack.

DV8 offorad hard top carrier for Ford Bronco- best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

Mount the DV8 Offroad 40-inch Light Bar Mount & 50-inch Curved Light Bar Mount with our specially designed roof rack.

The rear support brackets on the DV8 Offroad Hard Top Roof Rack can also serve as a reliable anchor for items like shovels and jacks. This heavy-duty roof rack is constructed with robust materials and multiple mounting points, allowing it to support a higher weight capacity.

Additionally, the curved cross bars on this roof rack provide more space for cargo and enhance its overall durability. With the DV8 Offroad Hard Top Roof Rack, you can have peace of mind that your equipment will remain secure and safe during transportation.

It can support up to 200 lbs when evenly distributed.The Hard Top Roof Rack is designed exclusively for the 2021+ Ford Bronco 4-Door with factory Hard Top.

#9 Auxpacbo Universal Rooftop Cargo Carrier Heavy Duty

The Auxpacbo Universal rooftop cargo carrier offers heavy-duty performance with a universal SUV platform frame constructed from lightweight powder-coated aluminum, weighing just 54.23 pounds.

The product features mounting channels on the front and side to match various accessories and modular components to cater to different customer needs.

Universal rooftop cargo carrier heavy duty for Ford Bronco _ best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

The carrier’s wide surface area can accommodate various items, such as kayaks, bicycles, and luggage, making it suitable for a wide range of activities like road trips, off-road excursions, and sea-side adventures.

Installing the roof platform system is easy, and connectors provide high stability with detailed installation videos available. The carrier’s stylish aerodynamic streamline design minimizes wind resistance and noise on the road, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

#10 Snailfly Roof Rack Cross Bars

If you’re looking for a reliable roof rack cross bar for your 2021-2023 Ford Bronco 2Door or 4Door, consider the Snailfly brand. Please note that installation requires original side rails.

The cross bars can be directly bolted on and secured around the rails, without the need for drilling or cutting. Assembly and removal take just minutes, making it convenient for your outdoor adventures.

Snailfly roof rack cross bars for Ford Bronco -best roof racks and carriers for Ford Bronco

The aerodynamic tube design of the Snailfly cross bars minimizes wind resistance and noise, providing a quiet environment during driving. The upgraded thickness and structure of the bars make them heavy-duty, capable of holding up to 165 pounds.

You can confidently carry your ski, snowboard, kayak, canoe, bike carrier, or other equipment without worry.With the Snailfly roof rack cross bars, you’ll receive a complete kit that includes two cross bars and all necessary hardware.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best roof rack or carrier for your Ford Bronco, there are several great options to choose from.

From heavy-duty racks with high load capacity to aerodynamic designs that reduce wind resistance and noise, there’s a roof rack or carrier to suit every need.

Snailfly roof rack cross bars are an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-install and heavy-duty option, while the Auxpacbo Universal rooftop cargo carrier offers versatility with its wider product surface and modular component options.

The DV8 Offroad roof rack is another strong contender with its multiple mounting points, tie-down points, and compatibility with various accessories.

Whether you’re planning a road trip or just need some extra storage space for your outdoor gear, a reliable roof rack or carrier can make all the difference for your Ford Bronco.

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