4 Most Popular Aftermarket Upgrades for SUVs: Enhance Performance and Style

Popular Aftermarket Upgrades for SUVs

Aftermarket upgrades are modifications or additions to a vehicle that are made after its purchase from the original manufacturer. These upgrades can include everything from engine and exhaust modifications, to suspension and tire upgrades, to exterior and interior enhancements.

SUVs are popular choices for aftermarket upgrades for a number of reasons. One is their versatility, as they can be used for everything from daily commuting to off-roading.

Another is their ruggedness and durability, making them ideal for modifications that improve their performance and capabilities.

Additionally, SUVs often have a lot of space for larger and more complex upgrades, making them a great choice for those looking to make a statement with their vehicle.

4 Types of Most Popular Aftermarket upgrades for SUVs

1.Body Upgrades

Body upgrades are a popular choice among SUV owners, as they can enhance the overall appearance and style of the vehicle. These upgrades can include a variety of modifications and parts, such as:

Best Body lift upgrades for SUVs

  1. Custom Body Kits – These are kits that include a combination of different parts such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers that can enhance the look of the SUV and give it a more sporty and aggressive appearance.
  2. Grille Upgrades – Replacing the factory grille with a custom one can give the SUV a more unique look and can also improve the airflow to the engine.
  3. Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers – these upgrades add extra storage space for carrying gear, luggage, or other items on the roof of the SUV.
  4. LED lighting – LED lighting upgrades, including LED headlights, fog lights, and tail lights, can improve visibility and give the SUV a more modern appearance.
  5. Wheel and tire upgrades – Upgrading the wheels and tires of an SUV can improve its overall appearance and can also improve its performance on the road.
  6. Custom paint job – A custom paint job can give the SUV a completely new look and make it stand out.
  7. Window Tinting – Tinting the windows can reduce the amount of heat and glare inside the SUV, and can also give the vehicle a more stylish appearance.

It’s important to note that before making any upgrades, it’s important to check if it is legal in your state or country.

2.Suspension Lift Kits Upgrades

Suspension lift kits are important for SUVs because they offer a range of benefits that can improve the vehicle’s performance and capabilities.Suspension upgrades can improve the performance of an SUV in a number of ways. They can enhance its handling and stability, making it more responsive and agile on the road.

Here are a few reasons why every SUV owner should consider getting a suspension lift kit at least once in their lifetime:

Reasons why Every SUV owner should get a lift kit once in lifetime

1. Increased Ground Clearance: Suspension lift kits raise the SUV’s body, which increases the distance between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. This allows the SUV to drive over obstacles, such as rocks and logs, that would otherwise scrape the undercarriage. This is particularly useful for off-road driving, where a higher ground clearance is essential for navigating rough terrain.

2. Improved Off-Road Capabilities: The increased ground clearance provided by a lift kit also improves the SUV’s off-road capabilities. The SUV can drive over more difficult terrain with greater ease and stability, making it more capable of handling rugged and remote areas.

3. Better Performance: Suspension lift kits can improve the performance of the SUV by altering the suspension geometry, which can improve handling, stability, and ride comfort. This makes the SUV more responsive, agile, and comfortable to drive, both on and off-road.

4. Enhanced Aesthetics: Suspension lift kits can also enhance the SUV’s overall appearance by giving it a more rugged and aggressive look.

When it comes to changes, you can expect your SUV to have improved off-road capabilities, better performance and better looks. With a lift kit, you can expect your SUV to be able to tackle challenging terrains, improved stability and handling, a more comfortable ride, and an overall more aggressive and rugged appearance.

Additionally, suspension upgrades can improve the overall ride comfort of an SUV, making it more pleasant to drive over long distances.

Some popular brands and models for suspension and tire upgrades include Bilstein, Belltech and Skyjacker. These brands offer a range of options for different types of driving, from daily commuting to off-roading.

Most Popular upgrades for SUVs

However, it is important to note that lift kits can also have some drawbacks, such as increased wear on the suspension components, increased fuel consumption and reduced highway stability, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision before installing one.

3.Engine tuning and Performance Upgrades

Other most Important Upgrades are Engine tuning and Performance Upgrades which offers great increment in overall performance and convert your SUV into all together new machine.

Best SUVs engine tuning and Performance upgrades

Some popular engine tuning upgrades for SUVs include:

  1. Cold Air Intakes – This upgrade improves the airflow to the engine, which can increase horsepower and torque.
  2. Performance Exhaust Systems – Upgrading the exhaust system can improve the engine’s sound, giving it a more aggressive and sporty tone and can also increase horsepower and torque.
  3. Engine Management Systems – Installing an engine management system, such as a chip or a programmer, can allow for fine-tuning of the engine’s performance, including adjusting things like air/fuel ratios and ignition timing.
  4. Forced Induction (Superhcarger & Turbocharger)- Adding a supercharger or a turbocharger can significantly increase horsepower and torque, making the SUV more powerful.
  5. Engine Swaps, Engine rebuilds and upgrading camshafts  These are the other serious upgrades that you can include if you want some real performance impact though these are not that popular and common upgardes but you even thing of these upgardes once in a lifetime. As upgrading the camshafts with improve performance by altering the timing and duration of valve opening. Additional Engine rebuilds and swaps helps in changing worn parts or even swaping with the new engine to get new level of overall performance increase.

It’s important to note that before making any upgrades, it’s important to check if it’s legal in your state or country and also to have a professional mechanic to do the job. Also some of these upgrades may void the warranty of your vehicle.

4.Other Exterior and Interior upgrades

Exterior and interior upgrades can improve the overall look and feel of an SUV, making it more personalized and unique.

These upgrades can include things like spoilers, custom seats, steering wheels, and trim for the interior.

Some popular brands and models for exterior and interior upgrades include Recaro, Bride, and Sparco for seats. These brands offer a wide range of options for different types of vehicles and personal styles.


In conclusion, the most popular aftermarket upgrades for SUVs include suspension and tire upgrades, engine and exhaust upgrades, and exterior and interior upgrades. These upgrades can improve the performance, capabilities, and overall look and feel of an SUV, making it a more enjoyable and personalized vehicle.

When selecting and installing aftermarket upgrades, it is important to research the options available and choose those that best suit your specific vehicle and driving needs. It is also important to make sure that the upgrades are compatible with your SUV, and to have them installed by a professional with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

Overall, upgrading an SUV can be a great way to enhance its performance, capabilities, and overall look and feel. With the right upgrades, an SUV can be transformed into a more powerful, responsive, and unique vehicle that is perfect for daily commuting, off-roading, and everything in between.

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